IMG Norway

A rested body, an eased mind, a peaceful soul, combine to renew our very essence and makes us whole.

IMG - We Love Relaxation.

A reflective gaze, a moment of pause to appreciate and
respect nature and all her elements...

That is the Scandinavian way, to be in harmony with
your surroundings, to coexist responsibly with the
environment and acknowledge the place and part you
play in this world.

At IMG, we strive to make the world a better place, one
comfortable body at a time.

Located in the Sunnmøre area of Norway, IMG Norway has become well known for their amazing Relaxer chairs. With gentle lines and excellent engineering, you can rely on the lifelong comfort of an IMG Relaxer. Every IMG relaxer has a steel frame with cold cured molded foam and an articulating headrest. The designers at IMG are constantly improving and adding products to their line.

If you are interested in creating a home theatre, you will find IMG Norway products ideal. IMG Motion seating is available in over 15 configurations. They also come in a motorized version to ensure easy use. Check out our IMG Norway gallery today!