Natuzzi Italia

The epitome of Italian high-quality creative craftsmanship, the Natuzzi Italia product line is the pride of 100% Italian-made Natuzzi production worldwide.

It is the Harmony Maker, a creator of spaces where every detail exudes balance, elegance and beauty.

A philosophy of living inspired by Natuzzi's roots and homeland: the Italian region of Puglia, a land of light, sea and perfect harmony of contrasts.

Natuzzi Italy creates sofas, armchairs, dining tables, beds, furniture and furnishing accessories developed in collaboration with renowned designers or at the Natuzzi Style Centre.

Each new project is led personally by Pasquale Natuzzi and is brought to fruition in company's factories in Italy, where master craftsmen oversee every stage of the production cycle with care and dedication. From the selection and tanning of the finest leathers to the crafting of padding and choice woods, each stage undergoes strict quality controls to guarantee consumers around the world a product 100% made in Italy.

Natuzzi Italia is a promise of excellence and high-value manufacturing. It is at the very heart of the Natuzzi brand, founded in 1959, and now the world's most renowned furniture brand among connoisseurs of luxury goods.

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