Copeland Furniture

Copeland Furniture, based in Bradford Vermont, specializes in the production of solid wood furniture. The natural hardwoods are locally sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood lots.

Copeland Furniture makes a conscious effort to reduce it’s carbon footprint on the planet by finding new ways to cut emissions. They use water-based solutions to finish their products rather than using chemicals that produce off gases. 

Additionally, Copeland Furniture has found a unique way to recycle their wood waste. They grind and pelletize the wood waste to heat their factory. The wood pellets are even sold to people locally. This idea of sustainability and recycling illustrate the concepts of past generations – creating and supporting the growth of a local economy. 

Every piece of furniture created at Copeland Furniture is meant to stand the test of time. They have a wide variety of bedroom, dining, living and office furniture. Visit our Burlington store for Copeland Furniture!