Stressless Senator

Ekornes Stressless

Currently ON SALE in Select Leather Colours. Limited Stock. Conditions apply.  Cannot be combined with other promotions.

Stressless Senator has everything for your comfort, style, and decor. Its known for its enhanced trim around the chair, advanced medium-firm padding, and patented Plus & Glide system.

Stressless recliners offer unparalleled comfort by adjusting to your body. Stressless chairs and sofas even come in various sizes. Through the Glide System you will find them extremely easy to use. Whether you’re watching television or taking a nap, the patented Plus System supports your head and lower back. Check out one of Scan Decor’s Stressless galleries today!

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Stressless Senator (S) With Classic or Signature Version.

Stressless Senator (L) with Classic, Signature or Leg Comfort Version.


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