Snooze collection features Innovative modular sofa & sectional elements that can be converted into super comfortable chaise lounge anytime.

With fixed or relaxed power mechanism, why choose when you can have it all. The snooze collection is the zenith of modern aesthetics, flexible comfort, and advanced European innovation combined. Watch the Snooze video below to learn more about this innovative convertible sofa system.


At some point in your life you don’t want to make any more compromises. Why choose when you can have it all: a luxurious sofa that uplifts your interior with a sense of elegance and allure, and at the same time provides an ergonomically designed seating experience. Meet the new love of your life that’ll be there for you, all of the time.


SNOOZE is an a-typical recliner sofa, which by its light, airy design is revolutionary in the world of heavy “mechanism” sofas. In the SNOOZE range, you can turn the seat cushion to create a reclining element.

One push on the button raises the back cushion and inclines the back and seat cushion to the optimum relaxation position. Active seating as well as comfortably relaxing will now be possible in a fresh, contemporary sofa.



Exclusively showcased at Indera Gallery, Scan Decor Burlington. Visit today and experience the Luv!


Please see the brochure attached for more information, dimensions, and design details.

Product Brochure

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