The Dutch designer Hans Daalder created a sleek, firmly upholstered sofa with exceptional seating comfort. LEX became a sofa with simple, pure proportions and draws attention to all graphic lines. The light base gives the impression of a floating sofa, making the whole combination look light and airy. But LEX is not just beautiful. When you sit down, you discover how extremely comfortable this sofa is. The combination of a contemporary design with high-quality construction and ultimate seating comfort makes LEX the perfect relaxation spot in your home.


“The quality of a sofa is determined by its design, but also by the professionals who build it. I have enormous respect for this craftsmanship and am therefore very happy with the collaboration with MOOME,” says Hans Daalder.

Dimensions: 111”W X 93”D X 30.75”H; SH: 17.75”; SD: 22.8”; AH: 25.6”

Available in different sizes and configurations.

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