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Athos is a power motion with a minimalist design that easily adapts to all living spaces. Athos is equipped with a state-of-the-art power mechanism and touchpad that individually controls the headrest and footrest allowing maximum comfort and support for your head, back, and legs even for the tallest people. This model is available with two seat width options and its modularity allows making any size sofa or sectional…  Showcased now at Scan Decor Burlington.

Technical Description:

  • THICK STITCH: Available as an option
  • STRUCTURE: Hardwood frame for extra strength
  • SEAT/BACK SUSPENSION: Reinforced elastic webbing
  • SEAT/BACK CUSHIONS: Ecologic open cell polyurethane foam covered with a layer of dacron wadding
  • REMOVABILITY: Not possible
  • MECHANISMS: Each seat has two separate motors, one for the headrest and one for the footrest
  • BATTERY PACK: Available as an option
  • TRAY: Wooden matt black finishing, upon request on console
  • FOOT OPTION # 1 : Stainless steel feet
  • FOOT OPTION # 2 : Metal feet bronze finish
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