Le Sac


LE SAC is an iconic style that revolutionized the relax experience. In a matter of seconds, you can create your own personal relaxation zone by rotating the seat, adjusting the head support and the practical tilting mechanism.

Designed by Studio Segers, It is one of a kind chair, made with ‚̧¬†so fall in¬†‚̧ with it.


INDERA is part of the Mecam-group, a Belgian family business Рfor over 40 years, Mecam manufactures upholstered furniture of the highest standard in Dilsen-Stokkem (Belgium).

Imagine sinking back and reading a good book, reclining and relaxing, enjoying a wonderful nap. This iconic casual recliner LE SAC designed by Studio Segers features minimalist aesthetics, premium comfort, adjustable head and recline, memory swivel, and optional armrests and foot stool.



Exclusively showcased at Indera Gallery, Scan Decor Burlington. Visit today and experience the Luv!


Please see the brochure attached for more information, dimensions, and design details.


Product Brochure

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