How to Clean Your Leather Furniture

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When was the last time you cleaned your leather furniture? For many people, the answer would be never. This is a big no, no! Leather is like our skin – it needs regular care. When your hands are dirty, you wash them, right? When your feet are dry, you moisturize them, right? This is how you should think of your leather sofa or recliner.

With a few cleanings every year, your leather furniture will have a longer life span. Read through our guide below for instructions on how to clean your leather furniture.

*Important Note: Before you follow the instructions below, check any original tags or reading material provided with the leather furniture. Not all leather is the same, therefore, be cautious about how you clean your furniture. You may have also received cleaning products with your furniture. Typically, the cleaning products provided or recommended by your furniture’s manufacturer should be used. Often, using non-recommended products can void warranties.

Follow these steps:

1. Clean up larger debris, like food crumbs, hair, and pet dander with a vacuum. Make sure the brush head has soft bristles so the leather does not get scratched. (Best practice: vacuum every week)

2. Dampen a microfiber towel in a bowl of distilled water and wipe the leather furniture in a circular motion. This will basically loosen up any dirt or oils that have attached to the surface. Use another microfiber towel to dry the leather.

If you find there is larger stain on the leather, and this process has not helped loosen up the dirt or oils, try using a mild dish washing soap. Do not use an abrasive soap or cleaning solution. Mix a few drops of soap in a bowl of distilled water. Follow the process above, after cleaning with the soap-water solution.

3. Once the leather has air dried, you should use a leather conditioner. Make sure you are using a manufacturer approved leather conditioner. The same leather care products for your car, may not work with your furniture. If you have a leather care product you like to use, make sure you apply on a non-visible portion of your furniture first. Again, use a microfiber towel, in circular motions.

Maintaining your leather furniture is this simple. Aim for two cleanings every year. If your leather is a lighter colour, try cleaning every three months. The last thing you want is to replace an expensive leather sofa or recliner because you didn’t follow these three easy steps.

If you have purchased one our Stressless recliners or IMG Norway recliners, we strongly recommend you buy the leather care products these two companies offer. Please watch the following instructional videos to learn how to clean IMG Norway and Ekornes Stressless leather products.